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Simplifying Finance

TicWorks has helped Swedish companies who have receieved 740 MSEK in financing

Our Services

Financing & Capital raising

We provide debt financing to medium sized companies with capital needs of 20 MSEK and upwards.

Credit Advisory

Advisory regarding optimization of the company's capital structure, classification and internal interest rate setting, as well as evaluation of different financing options.



  • Credit Vision

  • Credit Execution



  • Tailored finance consultant projects 

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Credit assesment via Modefinance

Together with Modefinance we offer digital solutions for advanced credit analysis, risk assessment and risk management to for example financial institutions, funds and FinTechs.



  • Ratings

  • Tigran-platform

  • S-Peek (credit scores)


FINANCING - Complex telecom-company

The company had a suboptimal and expensive capital structure for a planned IPO. Upon evaluating the credit quality we supported the procurement of new financing (40 MSEK), resulting in a halved interest cost.



TicWorks Vision

The financial engine for companies of the future!

We work for a more transparent and fair credit market through increased knowledge about risk, interest and different financing options. 

  • TicWorks helps mid-sized companies with loan needs of 20 MSEK and upwards, who struggle with finding bank financing. Many companies are good, but do not fit in the traditional assessment models of banks. 

  • Many companies choose expensive loans on the alternative credit market, others choose financing with 100% equity. Both options are expensive and hamper the company's growth. 


  • High interest rates come as a result of a private and non-transparent credit market. TicWork's role is to fill the gap and match good companies with the right financing solution at a reasonable interest rate.

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Tel:  (+46) 8 - 615 02 00 

Address: Cylindervägen 18, 131 52 Nacka Strand, Stockholm


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