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Credit assessment via Modefinance

Many companies lack insight into their own credit worthiness, as well as that of their counterparts or competitors. Banks, suppliers or customers can sometimes possess more information. TicWorks acts as an agent in the Nordics for Modefinance, the first European rating institute FinTech. Modefinance is an EU-regulated rating institute. 


s-peek is a business credit report service that provides users access to both credit assessment, credit limits and financial information to all European companies with only a push of a button.

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The application is available both on the web and can be downloaded as an app on Google play and App store. For larger volumes, an API-solution can be provided, which can be tailored according to the user's needs. 



Tigran is a platform for advanced credit analysis, risk assessment, portfolio risk analysis and risk management, including ESG evaluation. The platform is developed for financial institutions, funds, FinTechs and companies, and provides a state of the art solution based on modern technology for any entity with credit exposure. 

By tailoring the platform to the user, Tigran creates, through advanced data science and artificial intelligence, one of the most modern risk management tools available in the world. Tigran gives you access to credit scores, key figures, qualitative analyses, sensitivity analyses, loan capacity, cash flows, portfolio analysis, probability of default (PD), expected loss (EL), loss given default (LGD), capital allocation and last but not least, a tool for incorporating ESG in the credit process.

Credit Rating

Modefinance is a credit rating institute with registration and license from ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority), the EU body to strengthen investor protection and promoting stabile and functioning financial markets. The license gives Modefinance the authority to issue credit scores to both banks and corporates.

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Model development

Modefinance highly technological core was developed by a competent and varied expertise within economics, finance and numeric engineering science. They use a variety of different numeric methods, such as Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic. This allows them to tailor their models according to each user's preferences. 

Depending on the request, modefinance also develops relevant models from scratch. 

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