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A selection of previous cases

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Financial analysis, advisory and negotiation 

Pre-study for upcoming refinancing, where changes in conditions and strategy entailed a complex and sensitive discussion among shareholders, management and loan providers. TicWorks assisted with guidance, analysis and advisory. The total refinancing consisted of 75 MSEK. 

World-leading brand in fashion and design

After a couple of tough years following the pandemic and a restructuring of the business, a need of bridge financing was identified in anticipation of positive cash flows. TicWorks acted as an advisor and facilitated a financing solution of 100 MSEK according to the preconditions of the business.


Financing for a complex telecom company

The company had a suboptimal capital structure for a planned IPO. Upon evaluating the credit quality, we supported the procurement of new financing (40 MSEK), resulting in a 50% reduced interest cost. 

Mid-sized SaaS-company

Advisory regarding capital structure and renegotiation of loans (total of 60 MSEK) in conjunction with expansion and the acquisition of a competitor. 

Design company in the furniture industry 

The company was in need of refinancing following their credit being terminated. The credit need identified was originally 10 MSEK, however, we identified an additional need of 15 MSEK to elevate the online business. A credit of 25 MSEK was granted by a loan provider, where the solution entailed a better customer payment deal than before. 


AI-company in massive growth phase 

With the help of TicWorks network, the company was able to refinance outstanding loans of 180 MSEK and acquire an additional 70 MSEK in loans from a credit fund. The conditions and term of the credit were significantly better than those suggested by the company's investment bank. 

Post-covid expansion

A company in the travel industry identified a capital need of 200 MSEK for an acquisition. TicWorks' analysis proved that a loan would result in an improved capital structure and financing cost. A loan of 70 MSEK was granted by a Nordic loan provider.


Listed tech company

The client was in need of financing of 200 MSEK. Management wanted to maximize the debt and to drive shareholder value. Our analysis showed that equity was needed for a debt-structure. We launched the rationale where debtors relied on new equity, which attracted equity investors while management got time for the business. The result was a share issue of 150 MSEK and a 2-tier debt structure where a bank and credit fund together provided 100 MSEK in debt.

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Swedish property-and infrastructure company 

The company needed to evaluate their capital structure for an upcoming IPO (a total of 110 MSEK in external financing). Based on forecasted development, a thorough capital structure analysis and optimization of the Enterprise Value was delivered.  


Listed Swedish industrial company 

Based on a fundamental credit analysis, the price of the group's internal loans to foreign subsidiaries was set correctly with regards to current tax regulations.  


Listed company in the healthcare sector

Existing owner loans were meant to be refinanced with external loans. Our pilot study showed opportunities on the bonds market. The company's credit quality and credit pricing were analysed in regards to a loan of 150 MSEK. The project resulted in halved interest rates and an improved capital structure without owner loans.  

Credit scoring

Supplier of Supply Chain Management-information

Implementation of an API-service for evaluation of credit quality for clients who evaluate their suppliers in a number of areas critical for quality ensurance. 

Platform for transport solutions/importers 

Implementation of an API for transporters/forwarding agents opportunity for mutual evaluations of credit risk.


Trading platform for raw materials

Development of an API for a raw materials marketplace. With closure over-the-counter, the clients were provided with safe trades, simple clearing and settlement without extensive contracts. 


Small-sized property company in a fast expansion phase

Pilot study of external financing. Our analysis pointed to a number of difficulties and issues related to an increase of external loans (of a volume around 75-100 MSEK). This resulted in our client postponing their plans of financing. 

Valuation platform - Extensive collaboration

Modefinance and TicWorks are an integrated part of Apollonian's platform for company valuation and interface for financiers/investors. Through Apollonian's platform, companies and investors can receive access to Modefinance's credit tool, and can order private and public ratings.

Large niche bank chooses TicWorks and Modefinance

One of the largest niche banks in the Nordics has chosen Modefinance's tool Tigran for credit analysis, pricing,  portfolio follow-ups and reporting.

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