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About TicWorks

“a better credit market for the borrower”

TicWorks offers advice and facilitates financing to mid-sized companies. In addition, TicWorks offers credit scoring services. A solid assessment of credit risk in combination with an extensive experience in the bank and finance markets is an integral part of our offering. 


TicWorks' core is financing. We assist companies with loan needs of 20 MSEK and upwards, typically companies who struggle with acquiring bank financing.  Many companies are good companies, but do not fit into the traditional assessment models of banks. Some companies choose expensive loans on the "alternative credit market", others choose financing with 100% equity. Both options are expensive and hamper the company's growth. TicWorks' role is to fill the gap on the finance market and help good companies with the right financing solutions, at a reasonable interest rate. 

Why TicWorks?


TicWorks has worked with many companies in various different industries, and has helped Swedish companies find financing of more than 740 MSEK. The extensive experience of the bank and finance market of the TicWorks-team, in combination with the knowledge of how to convert a financing need to a financing solution is central in our offering.  


TicWorks has the tools to make sure that our clients get as much out of our services as possible. Our partner, the Italian credit rating institute Modefinance, provide rating and scoring solutions which enables us to give better assessments and better loan conditions to the benefit of our clients.


TicWorks has a large network of loan providers, consisting of for example banks, niche banks, credit institutions, credit funds or family offices. Our network covers hundreds of loan providers, both in the Nordics and internationally through a representative in the DACH-region. TicWorks' role is to guide companies to the right loan provider, navigating loan providers who differ in terms of risk level, terms, sector focus etc. 

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